Updated Notice for Passengers to China

2022-12-30 20:00

Starting from January 8th 2023, notice for passengers travelling from Antigua and Barbuda or St. Kitts and Nevis to China will be updated as followed:

1. General requirement

Passengers are required to take nucleic acid test within 48 hoursbefore boarding the final direct flight to China. Those who test negativedeclare the result to China Customsandno longer need to apply for a health code from Chinese embassies or consulates. Those who test positive are suggested to postpone their travel until they have a negative test result.

2.Health Declaration to China Customs

Passengersmay declare the negative test result to ChinaCustoms through the following three ways:

(1) Wechat mini-program of China Customs (scan the QR code below):

(2) Website:https://htdecl.chinaport.gov.cn/htdeclweb/home/pages/healthDeclare/declare.html

(3) APP: China Customs.

3.Entry Inspection

Nucleic acid tests will no longer be conducted upon arrival. Those with no issues to report in their health declaration who have been given regular customs inspection and quarantine clearance may enter China without being subject to quarantine. Those with issues to report in their health declaration or symptoms such as fever shall receive antigen tests at the customs. For passengers who test positive may need to self-quarantine. Those who test negative shall go through regular customs inspection and quarantine clearance in accordance with the laws and regulations of China.

4. Visa to China

Further arrangements will be refined for foreign nationalsentry into China for purposes as resumption of work, business, education, visiting relatives and family reunion.

Given the ongoing pandemic, the above adjustments do not mean the easing of disease control. Passengers are suggested to take precautionary measures for self-protectionand make appropriate testing arrangementand travelling plan.

Embassy of the People’s Republic of China in Antigua and Barbuda

December 30th 2022